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Announcing the 1st Annual Contest!

By this time, we hope you’ve been inspired to work on some stories of your own. They may not be novels yet, but they could be the start of something big. How do you know if you’re on the right track? Almost all professional writers have a critique group–people they trust to read their early […]

Writing Lesson 17 – Research Can Be Fun!

I tell my writing students that I was a hopelessly nerdy teenager. When I illustrate by explaining that I looked forward to writing research papers because I just loved to dig through the dusty shelves of the library, they are inclined to agree! But I insist that research can be fun. Since it’s getting near […]

Writing Lesson 16 – Picking Ripe Characters

Stories Start on the Brink of Change When you’re thinking about the characters for your story, choose ripe characters. Concoct a man who is on the brink of a choice. Or a woman who must make a moral decision, say between saving her job or exposing a lie. A ripe character stands on the precipice […]

Writing Lesson 15 – Priming Your Pump

Writing Prompts Are you keeping your pump primed? In order to get a stopped water pump working, it’s sometimes necessary to pour water over the stalled pump’s parts. This is called priming the pump. Once the water is running through the machine, it helps the pump kick into gear.  Writers need to keep their own […]