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Traveling Season – Novel Journey

This week, let’s tour the Novel Journey blog at Novel Journey is one of Writer’s Digest’s 101 most valuable websites for writers in 2010–and for good reason! Every day a different author discusses a different writing-related topic, and these writers know their stuff! Hang out here for a while and you’ll begin to learn […]

Writing Prompt #1

Because summer schedules are typically more relaxed, there’s more time to dive into a good book. You can do this by reading, of course, or by working on a book of your own. Each Friday during the summer we’ll provide a writing prompt–something to stir your imagination and get ideas flowing. Start with a title […]

Traveling Season-American Christian Fiction Writers

Summer is a good time to travel–taking trips to places we might not have time to visit during other seasons. This summer, aNOVELWritingSite will take you on a blog tour. Each Monday we’ll visit sites that offer instruction or inspiration for aspiring writers. First stop on the journey: American Christian Fiction Writers at ACFW […]

A Special Announcement!

Congratulations are in order for three NOVELWritingSite writers. Teri Dawn Smith, one of our regular contributors, is a finalist in the American Christian Fiction Writers’ Genesis 2010 Contest in the Romantic Suspense category. In the same contest her student and NOVELWritingSite subscriber, Angela Bell, advanced to the final round of judging with her Young Adults […]

Writing Lesson 36 – What Happens Next?

Today’s exercise works best if you can do it with at least two other people. You’ll all read the passage below from Hilda van Stockum’s wonderful book The Winged Watchman. ( You’ll each then take a piece of paper, go off alone for 15 minutes, and write your answer to the question: What happens next? […]