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Writing Prompt #10

Finally . . . fantasy! See what you can do with these: The trick, as always, is not only to INCLUDE the images in your story, but to include them in an original manner. Please share a passage with us in the comment section!

Traveling Season – Novel Matters

If you enjoy the classics–Dickens, Austen, et. al.–you might enjoy a more literary form of contemporary fiction called “upmarket.” Some of the best writers of upmarket fiction on the Christian shelves share some very contemplative posts on Novel Matters. Always food for thought!

Writing Prompt #9

We haven’t done much for the mystery writers out there yet. Try these old standards…with a new twist.

Traveling Season – Patti’s Porch

Especially for Young Writers! Patti Shene hosts a blog called Patti’s Porch that has a special section to answer the questions of younger writers. The subheading pretty well sums it up: “I Want to Be Published…but I’m Just a Kid! – Stories about kids’ dreams of being published, and what they can do about it […]

Writing Prompt #8

Another week…another genre. What type of story do the pictures below suggest? We’d love to read what you come up with!