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Writing Lesson 2.1 – Show me a Story

“Show, don’t Tell” These words were underlined in my first-ever rejection letter. It was a form letter, but the editor apparently thought this admonition needed special emphasis in my case. At least I could comfort myself that if they were part of his standard rejection letter, it was a common failing. Trouble was, I had […]

Make Writing a Priority

“Homeschooling” is much more than simply “doing school at home.” If we’re not careful, we can fall into the habit of patterning our educational experience after the segmented categories of traditional school. But homeschooling offers a unique opportunity to fully explore subjects that interest us as we acquire competence in the component disciplines. When basic […]

Getting Ready for Another Year…

Coming to a Homeschool Assembly Near You! As we gear up for a new academic year, I’d like to mention that our contributors are available to speak to your homeschool support group, book fair, or co-op writing class. If you haven’t done so already, please browse the Contributors pages to see who lives near your […]

Writing Prompt #12

This summer we’ve used writing prompts to kick-start our imaginations and get the creative synapses firing. But how do you find inspiration in normal, everyday life? To answer that question, I look to Calvin and Hobbs. Calvin is an average boy who lives in a typical house in a normal neighborhood. His family is unremarkable. […]

Traveling Season – Writer’s Digest

Jane Friedman writes a very valuable blog for Writer’s Digest, a highly respected sourcebook for professional writers. There are No Rules presents (with some irony) the “rules” for success in the writing trade–as well as the stories of successful authors who knew when to break those rules judiciously. If I might interject a personal note […]