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Only 3 days left until NaNoWriMo! What, you may ask, is NaNoWriMo? Twelve years ago, a group of crazy writers declared November National Novel Writing Month. (No fair noting that all writers are slightly crazy since they routinely plot bizarre schemes and claim to hear fictional characters talking in their heads.) The challenge is to […]

Writing Lesson 2.9 – 10 Common Mistakes Writers Make

After teaching writing and critiquing many chapters for the past several years, I’ve come up with a list of the common mistakes I see in manuscripts.

Writing Lesson 2.8 – Where Motivation Lurks

What if you’ve got a time to write and a great story idea, but still the words won’t flow? Here are several ideas for jogging the story loose.

Please Pray for Teri

Please pray for NOVELWritingSite contributor, Teri Dawn Smith. Teri and her daughter, Sarah, arrived in London Saturday. While visiting Cambridge on Sunday, Teri complained of a headache and began vomiting. She was hospitalized with a ruptured aneurysm and is critically ill. They are transferring her to a larger hospital. Please keep Teri and her family […]

Writing Lesson 2.7 – Creating “Real” Characters

To write a character-driven story, the writer must understand what makes people, in general, and characters, uniquely, behave as they do.