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Happy Thanksgiving!

No lesson this week, owing to the holiday, but an encouragement just the same… Most authors do not typically earn enough from their book sales to be able to write full-time. That’s encouraging? Well, in a way, yes! That means most professional authors write their wonderful stories AFTER they finish their other jobs. They squeeze […]

Writing Lesson 2.12 – Book Launch!

A Model for Successful Self-Publishing Grow Old with Me by Melinda Evaul LYNN: Today let’s celebrate the release of Melinda Evaul’s first novel and learn about some exciting new options available in the publishing industry! Here’s a description of Melinda’s story: In Grow Old With Me (the first novel in the Quilt Trail Series) a […]

Writing Lesson 2.11 – Plot Your Story FAST!

There are two primary types of writers out there. With affection, we call them plotters or pantsers. Plotters like to know where their story is going and usually use some type of outline to keep them on course. Pantsers launch in with only a vague sense of what is going happen next. They know their […]

Introducing Shelly Dippel!

Good news! Our regular contributor, Teri Dawn Smith, continues to recover. Thank you all for your prayers! Teri’s friend, Shelly Dippel, is helping us greatly with a guest column today, and we hope she’ll become a regular contributor with a byline of her own at aNOVELWritingSite! Enjoy!

Writing Lesson 2.10 – Metaphor

(Guest Post by Shelly Dippel) . . . or How to Take the Shortcut to Brilliance The sun was a ball of fire. The road was a snake slithering through the countryside. What did you picture when you read these two sentences? Flames lapping at the sky? Clouds lit up with a pink glow? A […]