Announcing the 2nd Annual NOVELWritingSite Writer’s Contest!

Sharpen your pencils and recharge the batteries in your laptops!

It’s time to begin planning for the 2nd Annual NOVELWritingSite Writer’s Contest!

We’ll accept entries April 15-May 1, 2011, so you have about three months to pick your best story ever and brush up the first five pages using the skills you’re learning.

Why only five pages? Because that’s as much as most people will read before they decide whether to finish a book.

Polish your beginning pages until they’re shiny! Soon we’ll post instructions for formatting and let you know where to send your entries.

What do you get out of the deal? Every entrant will receive helpful (kind, gentle, encouraging) feedback from our contributors. Finalists will receive a handsome certificate, and winning entrants will receive a bookstore gift certificate and a copy of Noah Lukeman’s book, The First Five Pages.

And now, on to today’s lesson . . .

About Lynn Dean

Lynn Dean dictated her first story before she could write and continued to write stories, illustrate them, and bind them into books throughout childhood. As a homeschooling mom, she enjoyed passing a love for writing to her own children and ten years of co-op students.

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