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Writing Lesson 2.23 – More About Homonyms

In my previous lesson, we looked at homonyms or homophones. In particular, we focused on contractions. Let’s look at more misused words. This section contains words that sound alike but have an entirely different meaning—more homonyms to confuse the English language. Alter (to change) Altar (a table used for a holy rite) Example: For weddings, […]

Writing Lesson 2.22 – Banning those Floating Body Parts

Duck! Before one hits you! Okay, I’m just being funny, but that’s because I’m going to talk to you about Floating Body Parts or FBPs. I shall explain, but before I start, I have to admit that I am not entirely against FBPs in every single writing instance. However, most editors are, and it’s tricky […]

Writing Lesson 2.21 – Get Into Character

Experimenting with First Person Point of View I’ve noticed lately how many best-sellers are written in 1st person point of view–especially young adult novels. When a story is written in 1st person, the author writes as if they are the main character, telling the story in their own words. (As opposed to 3rd person, where […]

Writing Lesson 2.20 – Back to Basics

Today, let’s talk about . . . Homonyms Huh? Sounds like grammar.  <Pause here for groans> Yes! Creative writing is a LOT more fun than grammar drills, but if you intend to submit your writing for publication, Rule #1 is that it must be “clean”–properly punctuated with no misspellings or inappropriate word choices. You want […]