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Are You Polishing Your Contest Entry?

You have about a month to brush up your first five pages for entry in our second annual NOVELWritingSite Writing Contest! Use the archive lessons to help you! More details next week!

Writing Lesson 2.27 – Begin with the End in Mind

Some people seem to think that to tell a story, you just start talking and to write a story, you just start writing. Simply string two or more words together to make a sentence and repeat until you have a book, right? If you’ve tried your hand at writing, you know it’s not that simple. […]

Writing Lesson 2.26 – Descriptive Writing

Readers of my book Grow Old With Me often comment about my descriptive writing style. I love to pull the reader into the scene and the story world by showing them what my characters experience. Benjamin looked over the valley as he retrieved tools from the back of his truck. That gets the message across. […]

Writing Lesson 2.25 – Why Your Hero Can’t Be So Darn Perfect

Some writers make the mistake of thinking that heroes must be perfect, but a too-perfect hero becomes a piece of cardboard to readers.

Writing Lesson 2.24 – There’s, um, like, this really important thing you should know

Filler words are distracting…not to mention annoying. In speech, they crop up when we don’t know quite how to communicate what we’re trying to say. Filler words crop up in writing for the same reason and have the same effect. Annoying distractions, they muddy the message and communicate almost nothing. Exercise: Look for these common […]