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Writing Lesson 2.31 – Putting the Bow on the Package

There’s something tremendously fulfilling in the moment you finish writing your story. You sigh with pleasure or scream with joy because somehow you know it’s the best one you’ve written. And through the sweat and sorting, you finished! But sooner or later you drift down off the bubble of wonder you’re floating on because, just […]

Writing Lesson 2.30 – Resurrect Your Reason for Writing

Quick Reminder! Don’t forget our NOVELWritingSite Writing Contest deadline is May 1. Check the contest page for details!   And now for our Regularly Scheduled post… 🙂   This is the day Christendom celebrates Good Friday, and in three days (by the traditional Jewish method of counting) we will celebrate Resurrection Sunday or Easter. I […]

Writing Lesson 2.29 – Dialogue: To Attribute or Not to Attribute?

“That is the question,” said . . . er . . . mused Jack. As you prepare your entries for the upcoming contest, consider the way you use dialogue. Have you read books where every snippet of dialogue ends with “he said” or “she said”? These phrases become boring and redundant. I’ve heard that our […]

Second Annual Contest!

All year, you’ve been learning how to hone new skills that you can apply to your stories. Ready to see how you’ve improved? This contest gives you the opportunity to have professional writers take a look at the first five pages of your story–the pages that will hook a reader’s interest. We’ll give you positive […]

Writing Lesson 2.28 – Are Your Scenes Boring?

In my last tutorial, I talked about heroes who are too perfect. In that same line, writing scenes that are too nice will lose your readers’ attention. Scenes that just meander on in Niceness, exuding lovely scenery, quiet dinners, bits of dialogue that mean nothing are boring. Something has to happen, even subtly, or the […]