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Writing Lesson 3.10-Four Starting Tips for Writing a Series

Do you have story ideas that would make a great series? Lots of us do. It is fun to imagine a string of stories spun out of one group of characters or out of a single, long storyline like Lord of the Rings. On October 15th, my new novel The Red Fury released from Desert […]

Writing Lesson 3.9-Genre: What is it?

Please allow me to introduce today’s guest blogger, Shannon McNear! Shannon has been writing one thing or another since third grade and has completed five novels in genres from Southern fiction to Revolutionary War historical to fantasy. She has eight children–two in college and six still homeschooling–but does her best to steal slivers of writing […]

Writing Lesson 3.8-Get Ready for NaNoWriMo!

It’s hard to imagine that any lover of literary lore hasn’t heard of NaNoWriMo, but hey…the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. NaNoWriMo, short National Novel Writing Month, is billed by it’s non-profit sponsors, the Office of Letters and Light, as “30 days and nights of literary abandon!” You may abandon a lot of things […]

Writing Lesson 3.7-Who is Pilcrow?

I want to introduce my new best friend. We met when I formatted my novel, Grow Old With Me, for publication in various eBook formats. Meet ¶ also known as Pilcrow. This mark should become your best friend too. Pilcrow shows the end of each paragraph and opens access to other non-printing characters in a […]