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…And a Happy New Year!

We’ll be back to regular Friday posts on January 6, 2012 with an article from our NEW CONTRIBUTOR, Shannon McNear!

In the true Spirit of the Season…

We wish you a Merry CHRISTmas!

Writing Lesson 3.17 – Repairing What Lies Beneath

Re-writing / Self-editing As we consider story structure, we’ve compared it to laying the groundwork and frame for a house. We’ve planned (plotted), followed the blueprint (kept theme in mind), searched for incongruities in structure (those scenes, voices, or characters that just don’t fit), and revealed backstory clues. But when we get to the re-writing […]

Writing Lesson 3.16 – Backstory–The Story Behind the Story

In a well-developed story there’s so much more than meets the eye. As an analogy, look at some of the things we found recently when we opened the walls and floors of our house! These clues gave us interesting background into the lives of people we never met. We know what they ate for breakfast, what […]

Writing Lesson 3.15 – Just in Time for Christmas…

November is past, and NaNoWriMo with it. Whether or not you took the challenge to write 50K words in a month, here’s one way to see a story by YOU in print by Christmas! Snapfish is an online photo development company. Around the holidays, they offer special prices on photo scrapbooks–bound books, in a variety of […]