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Consecrated Writing

So here we are…poised between the season of sacred beginnings and the season of personal beginnings. In just such a frame of mind many years ago I determined to consecrate my life to God, and my writing is a part of my life, so it’s consecrated too. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines consecrated as “dedicated to a […]

The XYZs of Story Writing – Part Three of Three

The “Z” of Story Writing We are really wrapping things up as we conclude the XYZs of story writing – and that’s what the letter Z stands for: Zipping up the Package. You’ve finished a story. You’ve asked enough questions of your characters and plot to build it with real conflict, not fluff. You’ve created […]

The XYZs of Story Writing – Part Two of Three

Continuing in our series of 3 basic aspects of story writing, we move on to “Y”… The “Y” of Story Writing When I think of the letter Y, I also think of the question why. The letter y reminds me to ask a host of questions as I write. Why? How? When? What? — or […]

The XYZs of Story Writing – Part One of Three

While there is a never-ending learning curve to being an author, I hope to wrap several important aspects of writing in this brief 3-part series. Let’s get started: The “X” of Story Writing Wise writers have said, “Writing is actually re-writing.” So, in using the XYZs to guide us, the X stands primarily for major […]

Rough Drafting

November is National Novel Writing Month, most often referred to as NaNoWiMo or NaNo.  I’m typing my way toward 50,000 words to create part of a novel rough draft. Did you catch the last two words in that sentence? ROUGH DRAFT Much of what I’ve written will, and should, disappear during an editing phase. As […]