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Writing Lesson 3.29 – Will an Agent Want You?

In the current publishing climate it’s very hard to find an agent or a publisher who will represent you. In a blog from Books and Such on Feb 28, 2012 Rachel Kent made an interesting statement we should all heed. I’m focusing on one item from her list. Rachel states, “Today I’m going to cover […]

Writing Lesson 3.28_A Writer’s Biggest Job

A few days ago someone on Facebook said, “Write to be pleasing, but never to please.” I could sort of go with that in the sense that we shouldn’t form our words only to give people what they want to hear. But how does one write to be pleasing? I’ve also heard two other seemingly […]

Writing Lesson 3.27_Am I a Writer?

Ever wonder when you’ve really become a writer? If you’re a young person still in school, you might be saying to people, “I want to become a writer when I grow up.” If you’re a little bit older and you’re working your way toward publication, you might tell them, “I like to write, and I […]

Writing Lesson 3.26 – Writing with WORLD

Our family subscribes to a magazine called WORLD. It leans toward a conservative viewpoint in reporting world affairs, books, music, and movies. In the Feb. 11, 2012 edition there is an article called “Be Specific.” In this article Marvin Olasky says, “Eighty percent of good writing is rewriting, but rewriting in a middle-school or high-school […]

Writing Lesson 3.25 – Your First Hundred Words

I recently read about a contest where writers could send a portion of their work to an agent. One person would receive a request for the full manuscript. Nice offer! The rules allowed each writer to send the first 100 words of their book. Yes, you read that right. One hundred words, plus or minus […]