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Writing Lesson 3.35 – Contests–Why Should We Enter?

I entered my first contest at about age sixteen and didn’t enter again until about eight years ago. Since then, I’ve made it a point to find at least one a year to enter—usually more than one, and with more than one story. I’ve made it to first-round finals several times, but I’ve never made […]

Writing Lesson 3.34 – Putting Your Best Foot Forward

You may have noticed that our Student Writing Competition (ACCEPTING ENTRIES NOW!) asks for only your first five pages. Why? It is VERY important for writers to put their best foot forward. I learned this the hard way! Though my novel, More Precious Than Gold, recently finaled in the Grace Awards, I had a deja […]

Our 3rd Annual Student Writing Competition

In case you missed the first announcement (which I rather unwisely posted at the end of an earlier blog post where it could be easily missed…) This month we are taking submissions for NOVELWritingSite’s 3rd Student Writing Competition! We’d love to read the first five pages of any story you’re working on. The rules are […]

Writing Lesson 3.33 – Formatting Your Manuscript Like a Pro

The following post appeared in Randy Ingermanson’s Advanced Fiction Writing E-Zine and it seemed very appropriate to re-post at contest entry time __________________________________________________________________ There aren’t any ironclad rules on how to format the manuscript of your novel. However, there are good ideas and bad ideas. Whenever I teach at conferences, I see all kinds of […]

Writing Lesson 3.32 – Finding Your Voice

You know that game where a friend sneaks up behind you, covers your eyes, and says, “Guess who?” By the time they speak, the game is pointless because you know the sound of your friend’s voice. Everyone has a characteristic voice. This is as true when we write as it is when we speak or […]