Word Trippers

Today’s post highlights a tool for writers. I can’t take credit for this, but I think it might be more valuable than a post from me this week.

Many words in the English language are confusing.

They trip us up.

Writer and editor Barbara McNichol wrote a book and an email Ezine to assist writers with proper word choices.

Do you know when to use lay or lie?

What is the difference between translucent and transparent?

When should you use that and which?

I’ve listed several entries from her free download. You’ll find many others in the document or her book. I’m not telling you to buy her book; however, it might be wise to subscribe to the Ezine and download the free portion of her book. Writers always appreciate good tools to improve their craft.

Barbara McNichol says (in this link):

“Don’t bypass this chance to keep learning about correct word choices. Sign up NOW for a short, pithy , and you’ll receive a fresh Word Tripper in your inbox every two weeks PLUS Best of Word Trippers – the most often misused Word Trippers in an attractive, short, easy-to-print document.”


Go browse the Word Tripper page. The web address is http://www.barbaramcnichol.com/wordtrippers/buy_word_trippers.php.

…or should I use peruse? 😉

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