About This Site

It’s easy to recognize a born storyteller. These kids start making up stories as soon as they can talk. The potential in a ream of blank notebook paper and fresh writing utensils makes them giddy. When teenaged homeschooler Christopher Paolini published his Inheritance series, these kids thought, “I could do that!” While other students ask how short the assigned essay can be, these dreamers ponder plots for NaNoWriMo—the annual write-a-novel-in-a-month challenge.

If you homeschool one of these imaginative students and are not a writer yourself, how do you nurture their budding talent?

We designed a NOVEL Writing Site.com with these teens in mind.

Each Friday the blog features a lesson in creative writing from one of several authors associated with American Christian Fiction Writers. Related exercises encourage young writers to sharpen their pencils and their skills. Subscribers can submit questions, comments, and writing samples and receive constructive feedback. At the end of the year, a writing contest just for them presents an opportunity to share their work.

Whether you use this site to supplement your writing curriculum or to cultivate a hobby, why not subscribe today?

Note: a NOVEL Writing Site intends to supplement, not substitute for, a solid language arts program that includes a foundation in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and basic writing structure. Though some of our contributors and associates offer tutorial services similar to a course taken for credit (look for links on each author’s page under Contributors), a NOVEL Writing Site is intended for personal enjoyment.