Interesting Humans

Many writers get their story ideas by watching people. How they look. What they do. How they interact with others. Without judging, can you guess the motivations that might lie behind their actions? Start with the most obvious, but don’t stop there. Make a list of all the possible reasons for what you see. I’ll […]

Footnotes of History

The seed that sprouted to become my first manuscript, More Precious Than Gold, was no more than a footnote in the historical account of my hometown. During the Reconstruction period after the Civil War, an agent of the Freedmen’s Bureau was sent to investigate a hate crime. The victim was a nameless African-American boy, and […]

A Quick Announcement…

Those who entered our student writing competition in May are probably wondering when you can expect to hear the results. June has been a REALLY busy month for many of us–weddings, new grandbabies, speaking engagements, etc. So please be patient just a little bit longer, as we attempt to give each entry the attention it […]

Ahhhh! Summer!

Each summer we’ve delved into one particular aspect of writing–story prompts, a tour of author blogs, basics of self-publishing. This summer let’s look at where story ideas come from. This is one of the questions most often put to writers by people who don’t write. For people who DO write, it’s almost unnecessary to ask. […]

Writing Lesson 3.34 – Putting Your Best Foot Forward

You may have noticed that our Student Writing Competition (ACCEPTING ENTRIES NOW!) asks for only your first five pages. Why? It is VERY important for writers to put their best foot forward. I learned this the hard way! Though my novel, More Precious Than Gold, recently finaled in the Grace Awards, I had a deja […]