About Melinda Evaul

Melinda Evaul is a North Carolina native transplanted to Tennessee. Her contemporary Christian romances give readers a unique view of rural life in both states. Not afraid to tackle tough questions, she writes about people who grow spiritually through the difficulties life tosses in their paths.
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Grammar…Pffft! Who Needs It?

Yuck! Grammar is not our favorite subject. At the end of the school year, it’s the last thing we want to see in a lesson. However, these errors could make or break your writing. We’ve all read books with errors and typos. Those can scream amateur and beginning writer. I borrowed and modified seven examples […]

Word Trippers

Today’s post highlights a tool for writers. I can’t take credit for this, but I think it might be more valuable than a post from me this week. Many words in the English language are confusing. They trip us up. Writer and editor Barbara McNichol wrote a book and an email Ezine to assist writers […]

Body Language

I confess! I swiped this Body Language Cheat Sheet for Writers from Archtype Writing.com–a website that bills itself as “The Fiction Writer’s Guide to Psychology” … but they told me I could reproduce it freely for educational purposes, so I guess that keeps things legal. 😉 Either way, it was too good to pass up […]

Which Comes First: the Chicken or the Egg?

Motivation and Reaction Units (MRUs) comprise the majority of your novel. They are also something writers often struggle to master. The concept is simple. Which comes first, the motivation or the reaction? Motivation is the cause (occurs outside the character) Reaction is the effect  (occurs inside the character) The motive must come first. We cannot […]

Rough Drafting

November is National Novel Writing Month, most often referred to as NaNoWiMo or NaNo.  I’m typing my way toward 50,000 words to create part of a novel rough draft. Did you catch the last two words in that sentence? ROUGH DRAFT Much of what I’ve written will, and should, disappear during an editing phase. As […]