Writing Lesson 3.7-Who is Pilcrow?

I want to introduce my new best friend. We met when I formatted my novel, Grow Old With Me, for publication in various eBook formats. Meet ¶ also known as Pilcrow. This mark should become your best friend too. Pilcrow shows the end of each paragraph and opens access to other non-printing characters in a […]

Writing Lesson 2.35 – Wasting Time?

Summer is here! It’s tempting to sleep late, play games, watch TV, or waste yourself in your favorite way. I can relate. I’m not the person to talk to you about time management. Well, maybe I am since it’s a problem for me. I frequently get lost on the Internet or in emails. Time can […]

Writing Lesson 2.33 – Tools of the Trade

Do you know how to properly use a keyboard? I’d say many of you type using the “hunt and peck” method. Over time, you think you’re proficient with a few fingers and know where the letters are, but the keyboard is designed to use all your fingers in the most efficient way. I’m not an […]

Writing Lesson 2.29 – Dialogue: To Attribute or Not to Attribute?

“That is the question,” said . . . er . . . mused Jack. As you prepare your entries for the upcoming contest, consider the way you use dialogue. Have you read books where every snippet of dialogue ends with “he said” or “she said”? These phrases become boring and redundant. I’ve heard that our […]

Writing Lesson 2.26 – Descriptive Writing

Readers of my book Grow Old With Me often comment about my descriptive writing style. I love to pull the reader into the scene and the story world by showing them what my characters experience. Benjamin looked over the valley as he retrieved tools from the back of his truck. That gets the message across. […]