Writing Lesson 2.3 – Creating a Story World

Whether you write historical, contemporary, or fantasy, a variety of research techniques can help you create a vivid story world.

Writing Lesson 34 – Creating a Story World

Many of my posts this year focused on character development. In this lesson, I want to touch on research. Get to “know” your characters through research… In a character driven novel, the writer must learn what makes the character act a certain way. By the time I start a novel, I know my character as […]

Writing Lesson 29 – Showing Actions and Emotions

We all have unique facial expressions and gestures. In a novel, these make each character different. Joe may frown when he’s thinking. Mary may pull her eyebrows together. Tracy might purse her lips and tap a finger against them. You might cross your arms and tap your foot. We’ve discussed showing vs. telling in several […]

Writing Lesson 24 – Unique Character Voices

Today we’ll focus on your character’s speech and mannerisms. In past lessons, we’ve discussed external and internal goals, core values and conflicts, physical details, and personality traits. Another layer in a character’s personality is speech. Each layer adds depth and makes your reader feel as if they know this person. Readers sometimes see themselves in […]

Writing Lesson 19 – Conflict of Values

Creating Unforgettable Characters, Part 4 In my last post we explored Internal and External Goals. Each of us has things we value. It makes us ‘tick.’ We don’t always recognize, though, what our values or goals are. We roll on in life doing what we believe is right and never stop to ask why we act the way […]