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Author Michelle Van Loon home schooled her three children for 13 years. All three graduated from home school and are now young adults. Michelle began teaching groups of home schooled students in her local co:op what the Lord had taught her about writing. Over a decade ago, the success of these classes led to the launch of her home school writing tutorial business (www.homepagewriting.com).

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Writing Lesson 36 – What Happens Next?

Today’s exercise works best if you can do it with at least two other people. You’ll all read the passage below from Hilda van Stockum’s wonderful book The Winged Watchman. (http://www.amazon.com/Winged-Watchman-Living-History-Library/dp/1883937078/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1265747756&sr=8-1_) You’ll each then take a piece of paper, go off alone for 15 minutes, and write your answer to the question: What happens next? […]

Writing Lesson 31 – Journaling the Story

Studying the Plot I asked one of my kids to read Victor Hugo’s classic Les Miserables when she was in high school. Have your ever seen an unabridged copy of the book? It’s hundreds of pages…thousands and thousand of words! “How do you expect me to remember everything that happens in this long story?” Rachel […]

Writing Lesson 26 – Honesty is the Best Policy

A lot of us are in the habit of writing and saying what we know other people want to hear from us. This is very necessary and good when it comes to some things like schoolwork and chores – but the habit doesn’t grow a writer who can speak from the heart. Grab your Bible […]

Writing Lesson 20 – Get Inside Their Heads

Point of View Makes All the Difference When you and your sibling have a disagreement and tell your stories to a parent, you learn firsthand the difference someone’s point-of-view can have on the way he or she sees the same basic set of events. Your brother’s version of how grandma’s prized antique vase got broken […]

Writing Lesson 15 – Priming Your Pump

Writing Prompts Are you keeping your pump primed? In order to get a stopped water pump working, it’s sometimes necessary to pour water over the stalled pump’s parts. This is called priming the pump. Once the water is running through the machine, it helps the pump kick into gear.  Writers need to keep their own […]