Writing Lesson 2.4 – Where Motivation Lurks

Even the most seasoned and successful writers occasionally lose their drive. Thankfully there are some catalysts at hand you can use to get yourself going again.

Writing Lesson 35 – Be an Invisible Author

Author Intrusion I’d like to introduce you to a term, if you aren’t familiar with it already, called “author intrusion”. You have author intrusion when you’re reading a story and all of a sudden something is said in a way that pulls you out of the “zone” your imagination is in. It might be a […]

Writing Lesson 30 – Write What You Know

. . . Or Don’t Know! When I was a teenager starting to pursue my writing passion, I was constantly bombarded with the adage: write what you know. I found this a little bit frustrating, to say the least. After all, I was about fourteen. What did I know? Very little, I’ll tell you. Imagine […]

Writing Lesson 25 – Use Comparisons to Show

Using Comparisons Brings Life to Dead Adjectives Whether you are writing a short story, a novel, or a non-fiction essay, you will need to give description, and often times to do so you will use comparison. It’s been said that “nothing means anything except as compared to something else”. In other words, if you say, […]

Writing Lesson 22 – The Color Editors Hate

Purple Prose It may be a pretty popular color for your bedroom if you’re a teenager, or it may look awesome on an electric guitar, but for a writer, the color purple is to be shunned. I’m talking about a figurative color, something that we call “purple prose”. Purple prose is language that is over […]