An Author’s Favorite Words: “The End”

The End There’s something so immensely gratifying about typing those words. A hint of sadness, perhaps, but an overwhelming cause for celebration! Typing “the end” means that you have completed a huge task–one that you began with trepidation, perhaps, not really sure you had it in you. “The end” means that you’ve said what you […]

Real Life Writing

This week we echoed the pilgrims’ thankfulness to God for safe passage to a new land where they could worship freely and for His providence during difficult times. Many friends have been posting “30 days of thanksgiving” on their Facebook pages. This simple writing exercise is good not only for the soul, but also for […]

And the Winners Are…

In our 3rd Annual NOVELWritingSite competition FIRST PLACE: Forest of Secrets by Elizabeth Hornberger SECOND PLACE: One Hand Clapping by Carolyn Dotson THIRD PLACE: The Last White Knight by Josephine McCoy Congratulations to these writers and to all this year’s entrants! It takes great courage to show your work to others. I think I speak […]

A Quick Announcement…

Those who entered our student writing competition in May are probably wondering when you can expect to hear the results. June has been a REALLY busy month for many of us–weddings, new grandbabies, speaking engagements, etc. So please be patient just a little bit longer, as we attempt to give each entry the attention it […]

Our 3rd Annual Student Writing Competition

In case you missed the first announcement (which I rather unwisely posted at the end of an earlier blog post where it could be easily missed…) This month we are taking submissions for NOVELWritingSite’s 3rd Student Writing Competition! We’d love to read the first five pages of any story you’re working on. The rules are […]