Writing Lesson 2.16 – Write Better-Read & Review

You may have heard it said that good writers are those who read. Chances are you already love reading. Each of us has our own tastes and preferences when it comes to reading. Some love action books, others prefer a sweet romance.  And within each book genre there are many flavors, so that one action […]

Writing Lesson 24 – Unique Character Voices

Today we’ll focus on your character’s speech and mannerisms. In past lessons, we’ve discussed external and internal goals, core values and conflicts, physical details, and personality traits. Another layer in a character’s personality is speech. Each layer adds depth and makes your reader feel as if they know this person. Readers sometimes see themselves in […]

Writing Lesson 18 – Four Dialogue Tips from the Pros

I love writing dialogue. When I start working on a story, it’s the things characters say to each other that begin sounding in my head. Improving the dialogue is one of the fastest ways to make your story better so let’s look at some tips from professional writers.  All of the books I’ve read agree […]