Writing Lesson 2.3 – Creating a Story World

Whether you write historical, contemporary, or fantasy, a variety of research techniques can help you create a vivid story world.

Writing Lesson 34 – Creating a Story World

Many of my posts this year focused on character development. In this lesson, I want to touch on research. Get to “know” your characters through research… In a character driven novel, the writer must learn what makes the character act a certain way. By the time I start a novel, I know my character as […]

Writing Lesson 30 – Write What You Know

. . . Or Don’t Know! When I was a teenager starting to pursue my writing passion, I was constantly bombarded with the adage: write what you know. I found this a little bit frustrating, to say the least. After all, I was about fourteen. What did I know? Very little, I’ll tell you. Imagine […]

Writing Lesson 2 – Where In the World?

Planning Your Story’s Setting The Importance of Your Story World If you’ve finished Lesson 1 and discovered the goal, motivation and conflict for your story, you need to think about the setting.  The setting plays an important role in the story since it anchors the reader in a time and place and provides a foundation. Several […]