Consecrated Writing

So here we are…poised between the season of sacred beginnings and the season of personal beginnings. In just such a frame of mind many years ago I determined to consecrate my life to God, and my writing is a part of my life, so it’s consecrated too. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines consecrated as “dedicated to a […]

The XYZs of Story Writing – Part Three of Three

The “Z” of Story Writing We are really wrapping things up as we conclude the XYZs of story writing – and that’s what the letter Z stands for: Zipping up the Package. You’ve finished a story. You’ve asked enough questions of your characters and plot to build it with real conflict, not fluff. You’ve created […]

Real Life Writing

This week we echoed the pilgrims’ thankfulness to God for safe passage to a new land where they could worship freely and for His providence during difficult times. Many friends have been posting “30 days of thanksgiving” on their Facebook pages. This simple writing exercise is good not only for the soul, but also for […]

Committed to the Journey (Part 2)

(…continued from last week…) So, if I used to be one of those writers driven more by validation than by love of story, what changed? I’m glad you asked. 🙂 It was easy to recognize the pride and impatience in others. One critique partner expressed to me that he “didn’t have time to write a […]

Committed to the Journey

Why do you write? That question has surfaced various times over the years, usually in writer’s groups meetings or at conferences. More recently, it’s become the one question that I believe has determined my path. It’s pretty easy at first, when your heart is full of the marvel of creating, and your eyes are full […]