How to Avoid Distancing Your Reader with Patched-In Themes & Morals

I read a pretty popular novel recently, written by a fellow author in my genre, and I enjoyed it. I might have given it a solid four stars. BUT, I mentally only awarded it a three-star effort for one single reason. Near the end of the story, the … [Continue reading]

Writers Beware!

"Plagiarism and copyrights and trademarks! Oh, my!" (Read this in your best imitation of Dorothy, the Scarecrow, or the Tin Man in Oz.) Sometimes, like Dorothy and Toto, we may get into situations where suddenly we realize we're "not in Kansas … [Continue reading]

Word Trippers

Today’s post highlights a tool for writers. I can’t take credit for this, but I think it might be more valuable than a post from me this week. Many words in the English language are confusing. They trip us up. Writer and editor Barbara McNichol … [Continue reading]

Body Language

I confess! I swiped this Body Language Cheat Sheet for Writers from Archtype website that bills itself as "The Fiction Writer's Guide to Psychology" ... but they told me I could reproduce it freely for educational purposes, so I … [Continue reading]

Understanding the Role of Subplots When Structuring Your Story

You often find writers and reviewers speaking of a story's layers -- whether they viewed those layers as in-depth or lacking. Layers might be defined as the presence of subplots. Subplots, when broken down, are often scenes strung together that … [Continue reading]