Writing Lesson 3 – More than Skin Deep

Creating Unforgettable Characters, Part 1 Our first impression of a person may come from the way they look. We form an idea of who they are by their style of dress, hair, or the shoes on their feet. We size them up as a homeless person, businessman, … [Continue reading]

Writing Lesson 2 – Where In the World?

Planning Your Story's Setting The Importance of Your Story World If you’ve finished Lesson 1 and discovered the goal, motivation and conflict for your story, you need to think about the setting.  The setting plays an important role in the story … [Continue reading]

Writing Lesson 1 – What’s the Big Idea?

Have you ever heard of the shortest stories never written? A Woodcutter’s Life by Tim Burr Pirate Gold by Barry D. Treasure Snakes in Tall Grass by Leva Malone My Struggle with Insomnia by Anita Knapp Pitfalls of Procrastination by Ida … [Continue reading]