Opposites Attract

We said it last week, but it bears repeating: Story = Conflict You’ll find a wealth of story ideas anywhere you find conflict, and conflict is inherent in situations where opposites meet…even if the “opposite” is the character himself. (This sort of transformation is called a character arc, and it’s another ingredient of a great […]

Mission: Impossible

Story = Conflict One form of conflict occurs when you pit your character against impossible odds–a strong motivation towards a goal that will be nearly impossible to accomplish. So when you’re generating story ideas, think of nearly impossible missions, and then brainstorm ways your character could beat the odds. Examples: At the island prison of […]

And the Winners Are…

In our 3rd Annual NOVELWritingSite competition FIRST PLACE: Forest of Secrets by Elizabeth Hornberger SECOND PLACE: One Hand Clapping by Carolyn Dotson THIRD PLACE: The Last White Knight by Josephine McCoy Congratulations to these writers and to all this year’s entrants! It takes great courage to show your work to others. I think I speak […]

Greeting Cards Tell Micro-Stories

I recently discovered a line of greeting cards by Curly Girl Designs. Go ahead, click. Aren’t they darling? What captivated me, though, were the sentiments. Each one suggests a score of stories! See what you can do with these (and PLEASE share in the comments!): “One of the hardest things to realize,” she said, “is […]

Is There a Story in Your Fortune Cookie?

This summer we’ve been looking at where story ideas come from. A recent dinner out illustrates that ideas are everywhere! Think about the essence of a Fortune Cookie. The very word “fortune” evokes the concept of a happy adventure waiting to happen, a happy ending just beyond view. Isn’t that what readers look for in […]