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Writing Lesson 32 – Let Me Show You How to Show

“Showing vs. Telling” We’ve written much about this concept of using vivid action, description, and dialogue to show what’s happening in a story rather than simply telling readers about what happens. It would be fitting, perhaps, to “show” you an example. Below is the first paragraph of a scene in my work in progress (wip), […]

Writing Lesson 31 – Journaling the Story

Studying the Plot I asked one of my kids to read Victor Hugo’s classic Les Miserables when she was in high school. Have your ever seen an unabridged copy of the book? It’s hundreds of pages…thousands and thousand of words! “How do you expect me to remember everything that happens in this long story?” Rachel […]

Writing Lesson 30 – Write What You Know

. . . Or Don’t Know! When I was a teenager starting to pursue my writing passion, I was constantly bombarded with the adage: write what you know. I found this a little bit frustrating, to say the least. After all, I was about fourteen. What did I know? Very little, I’ll tell you. Imagine […]