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Traveling Season – Randy Ingermanson

Randy Ingermanson says: I’m a physicist, an author, and probably dangerously disturbed. I write about “The intersection of Science Avenue and Faith Boulevard” because that’s the corner where I live. This neighborhood doesn’t have many lights, so you see a lot of accidents around here. Be careful of the flying glass! My job in life […]

Writing Prompt #5

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so just a picture this time. 

Traveling Season – Gail Martin’s Tips for Writers

Some multi-published authors generously share advice with younger writers. Each has their different specialty and genre. Sampling from several writers’ blogs this summer should help you find one or two you can really relate to. Gail Martin writes romance and romantic suspense for Christian readers. Even if that’s not what you write, you could learn […]

Writing Prompt #4

In the 1970s, 7-UP began to market their soft drink as “the UN-cola.” Their premise was that dark colored colas were cliche, and that cliche was boring. They were fresh and different. People tend to avoid risks. We all like to be relatively sure of a satisfying experience, BUT at the same time we get bored with […]

Traveling Season – Books & Such Literary Agency

An agent is a writing professional who specializes in bringing authors and publishers together and administrating contracts that are beneficial to both. In addition, many agents help their clients (and aspiring clients) learn more about various aspects of the field of professional writing. If you’re an aspiring author, lurking on a few agents’ blogs is […]