The Name Game

I’m in the research and rough draft stage of a new novel. This phase led to planning a genealogy for the male character in the novel. Names are important. They are especially important when writing a time specific book. Would you name a futuristic alien Joe? A Biblical setting would evoke certain names. Contemporary names […]

Is There a Story in Your Fortune Cookie?

This summer we’ve been looking at where story ideas come from. A recent dinner out illustrates that ideas are everywhere! Think about the essence of a Fortune Cookie. The very word “fortune” evokes the concept of a happy adventure waiting to happen, a happy ending just beyond view. Isn’t that what readers look for in […]

Writing Lesson 3.23_ Beginning with Theme in Mind

I recently viewed a movie with a refreshingly brilliant script. Sadly I can’t recommend the movie by title because Hollywood felt compelled to add explicit scenes, but let me see if I can describe why the movie impressed me. The writer began with the theme in mind: “Communication is more about understanding each others’ hearts […]

Writing Lesson 3.16 – Backstory–The Story Behind the Story

In a well-developed story there’s so much more than meets the eye. As an analogy, look at some of the things we found recently when we opened the walls and floors of our house! These clues gave us interesting background into the lives of people we never met. We know what they ate for breakfast, what […]

Writing Lesson 2.36 – Mea Culpa

First order of business, an apology from me. I expected to have contest finalists announced by now and critiques returned, but have fallen woefully behind in that goal. The fault is entirely mine. Please continue to give grace, and hopefully I’ll be able to post the results soon.   Having said that, this may be […]