Please Pray for Teri

Please pray for NOVELWritingSite contributor, Teri Dawn Smith. Teri and her daughter, Sarah, arrived in London Saturday. While visiting Cambridge on Sunday, Teri complained of a headache and began vomiting. She was hospitalized with a ruptured aneurysm and is critically ill. They are transferring her to a larger hospital. Please keep Teri and her family […]

Processing Contest Entries

If you entered our first annual writing contest, you will receive confirmation within a day or two to let you know that your entry reached us and is being processed. If you do NOT receive a confirmation email from us confirming your entry, please leave a comment or email us at to inquire. Entrants […]

More About the First Annual (First Ever) Writing Contest

Again this week, let me remind you about our first ever Annual contest. Hopefully throughout the fall semester, you’ve been trying out some of your new skills on stories of your own. Is it working? We’re offering you the opportunity to have professional writers take a look at the first twelve pages of your story and […]

Writing Lesson 4 – Building Beginnings

Start Your Story with a Writing Hook “Where do I begin…?” That’s the opening line of a famous song. It’s also a big question we face every time we sit down to write. It doesn’t matter if it’s a story, play, poem, essay, or a letter to a friend. Whatever the case, beginnings matter, and […]