Writing Lesson 2.34 – Advice on Becoming a Better Writer Over the Summer

Right about now, most of us are thinking of one thing — summer vacation! School books are put away, jeans and hoodies are exchanged for swim suits and flip-flops, and the list of all the fun things we want to do feels like a shiny, wrapped up package, waiting to be opened and enjoyed. But […]

Writing Lesson 2.30 – Resurrect Your Reason for Writing

Quick Reminder! Don’t forget our NOVELWritingSite Writing Contest deadline is May 1. Check the contest page for details!   And now for our Regularly Scheduled post… 🙂   This is the day Christendom celebrates Good Friday, and in three days (by the traditional Jewish method of counting) we will celebrate Resurrection Sunday or Easter. I […]

Second Annual NOVELWritingSite.com Contest!

All year, you’ve been learning how to hone new skills that you can apply to your stories. Ready to see how you’ve improved? This contest gives you the opportunity to have professional writers take a look at the first five pages of your story–the pages that will hook a reader’s interest. We’ll give you positive […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

No lesson this week, owing to the holiday, but an encouragement just the same… Most authors do not typically earn enough from their book sales to be able to write full-time. That’s encouraging? Well, in a way, yes! That means most professional authors write their wonderful stories AFTER they finish their other jobs. They squeeze […]


Only 3 days left until NaNoWriMo! What, you may ask, is NaNoWriMo? Twelve years ago, a group of crazy writers declared November National Novel Writing Month. (No fair noting that all writers are slightly crazy since they routinely plot bizarre schemes and claim to hear fictional characters talking in their heads.) The challenge is to […]