Writing Lesson 3.27_Am I a Writer?

Ever wonder when you’ve really become a writer? If you’re a young person still in school, you might be saying to people, “I want to become a writer when I grow up.” If you’re a little bit older and you’re working your way toward publication, you might tell them, “I like to write, and I […]

Writing Lesson 3.20 – Should You Enter Writing Contests?

As you pop around the web or read writing magazines, you’ll pretty quickly discover writing contests. In fact, we even host one on this site each spring. You may mull these contests over and wonder if they’re worth your while. Winning would be fantastic! But what do you have to gain for all your effort […]

Writing Lesson 3.18 – Conventions of Genre

NOTE: Please welcome Shannon McNear back to the NOVELWritingSite, but this time she is not a guest. Shannon is the newest member of our pool of contributors, and we’re so glad to have her with us! In my last blog post, I discussed genres and mentioned that what genre you write affects how you write. […]

Writing Lesson 3.15 – Just in Time for Christmas…

November is past, and NaNoWriMo with it. Whether or not you took the challenge to write 50K words in a month, here’s one way to see a story by YOU in print by Christmas! Snapfish is an online photo development company. Around the holidays, they offer special prices on photo scrapbooks–bound books, in a variety of […]

Writing Lesson 3.10-Four Starting Tips for Writing a Series

Do you have story ideas that would make a great series? Lots of us do. It is fun to imagine a string of stories spun out of one group of characters or out of a single, long storyline like Lord of the Rings. On October 15th, my new novel The Red Fury released from Desert […]