Writing Lesson 2.20 – Back to Basics

Today, let’s talk about . . . Homonyms Huh? Sounds like grammar.  <Pause here for groans> Yes! Creative writing is a LOT more fun than grammar drills, but if you intend to submit your writing for publication, Rule #1 is that it must be “clean”–properly punctuated with no misspellings or inappropriate word choices. You want […]

Writing Lesson 2.16 – Write Better-Read & Review

You may have heard it said that good writers are those who read. Chances are you already love reading. Each of us has our own tastes and preferences when it comes to reading. Some love action books, others prefer a sweet romance.  And within each book genre there are many flavors, so that one action […]

Writing Lesson 2.14 – A Double-Launch Party…and a PRIZE!

Welcome to my double-launch party! Stick around; there’s a prize! My novella just released on December 1st from Black Lyon Publishing. It’s an inspirational romance called Heart Not Taken. For those of you who are unsure, a novella is simply a short novel. It’s too long to be considered a short story, and too short […]

Writing Lesson 2.12 – Book Launch!

A Model for Successful Self-Publishing Grow Old with Me by Melinda Evaul LYNN: Today let’s celebrate the release of Melinda Evaul’s first novel and learn about some exciting new options available in the publishing industry! Here’s a description of Melinda’s story: In Grow Old With Me (the first novel in the Quilt Trail Series) a […]