Consecrated Writing

So here we are…poised between the season of sacred beginnings and the season of personal beginnings. In just such a frame of mind many years ago I determined to consecrate my life to God, and my writing is a part of my life, so it’s consecrated too. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines consecrated as “dedicated to a […]

Writing Lesson 3.34 – Putting Your Best Foot Forward

You may have noticed that our Student Writing Competition (ACCEPTING ENTRIES NOW!) asks for only your first five pages. Why? It is VERY important for writers to put their best foot forward. I learned this the hard way! Though my novel, More Precious Than Gold, recently finaled in the Grace Awards, I had a deja […]

Writing Lesson 3.23_ Beginning with Theme in Mind

I recently viewed a movie with a refreshingly brilliant script. Sadly I can’t recommend the movie by title because Hollywood felt compelled to add explicit scenes, but let me see if I can describe why the movie impressed me. The writer began with the theme in mind: “Communication is more about understanding each others’ hearts […]

Writing Lesson 3.12-The Theme’s the Thing

I majored in architecture, and our family is in the process of buying and remodeling a house, so perhaps you’ll understand if a lot of things lately make my thoughts turn to building. Whether you’re constructing a story or designing a house, it’s always a good idea to begin with the end in mind. The […]

Writing Lesson 2.30 – Resurrect Your Reason for Writing

Quick Reminder! Don’t forget our NOVELWritingSite Writing Contest deadline is May 1. Check the contest page for details!   And now for our Regularly Scheduled post… 🙂   This is the day Christendom celebrates Good Friday, and in three days (by the traditional Jewish method of counting) we will celebrate Resurrection Sunday or Easter. I […]