The Right Kind of Drama in the First Five Pages

(...Yes, there's a Wrong Kind.) If there's one big place to easily make mistakes in setting up scene, it's in the beginning pages of a novel. Of course, as story-tellers, our desire is to grip our readers with something memorable in those first five … [Continue reading]

Committed to the Journey (Part 2)

(...continued from last week...) So, if I used to be one of those writers driven more by validation than by love of story, what changed? I’m glad you asked. :-) It was easy to recognize the pride and impatience in others. One critique … [Continue reading]

Committed to the Journey

Why do you write? That question has surfaced various times over the years, usually in writer’s groups meetings or at conferences. More recently, it’s become the one question that I believe has determined my path. It’s pretty easy at first, when … [Continue reading]

The Name Game

I’m in the research and rough draft stage of a new novel. This phase led to planning a genealogy for the male character in the novel. Names are important. They are especially important when writing a time specific book. Would you name a futuristic … [Continue reading]

Writing Dialogue

Dialogue adds immense interest to a story, but dialogue is hard to write. I don't mean that it's hard to write words that sound like real people talking, though that's true too. What I'm talking about today is the not-so-simple mechanics of typing … [Continue reading]